Stump Removal

Is an unsightly stump keeping your property from looking the way you want? Eliminate this property blemish and make your yard safer in the process with our professional stump removal. Turn to the experts Perfect Landscape Tree & Services for reliable stump removal services. We'll clear your property of stumps to give you a better landscape.

After having a tree removed, stump removal is the last step in the cleanup process. Many opt to leave the stump behind, allowing it to decay naturally rather than remove it immediately. In the meantime, a stump can actually detract from your curb appeal, safety, and in severe cases, be a risk to the health of your property. Prevent a myriad of issue with our safe and effective stump removal.

More than just an aesthetic issue, a long-standing stump can be the cause of landscaping issues. While you may not like stumps in your yard, wood-boring insects such as termites and fungi do. Once these invasive species infest a stump, if left alone, they can easily migrate to other areas of your yard 

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or home and do significant amounts of damage. 

At the same time, stumps and their surface roots can serve as tripping hazards for family, children, and visitors. Make your property safer with our neat, clean stump removal services. Using powerful equipment and proper techniques, we take care of problem stumps while keeping your terrain intact. We take extra precaution to ensure we don't disturb any underground plumbing or wiring. When we're finished, you can rest assured you'll be left with pristine, stump-free landscape.

Perfect Landscape Tree & Services can handle all your stump removal needs at a cost to fit your budget. And when the stump is removed done, we carefully pick up the work area, and always leave your property more beautiful than when we arrived. We Go Green! We Recycle Your Green Waste!